‘Manifest Your Dream Life’ is a combination of deep yet simple yoga practices, breath-work, visualisation, pearls of wisdom and creativity which we have planned and structured so that both beginners and advanced will reap the benefits.

Whether you:

  • Know that you want a better life but don’t know how to manifest it

  • Have never done this work before, are intrigued and really want to see a change for the better in your life

  • Have a busy life and don’t have the time to go on a week long course

  • Feel trapped in the life that you currently have

  • Have a great life but want to manifest something more specific into it

You have come to the right place and here’s why...


‘Manifest the life that is right for you’ will give you the tools that hold the keys to change your life for the better, as well as precious gems that you can use again and again for as long as you need to! You see, some of the techniques that we share here are tools that stand strong by themselves but when combined in the precise order that we have formulated them into become a magical gift from us to you.

 Over the 3 week that we create with you we will share specific yoga practices, breath work, creative visualizations, grounding, cleansing and protection practices, strong and effective affirmations, techniques that strengthen and harmonize your energy and easy ways to create plan the life that is right for you.

 The classes are sent to you weekly. The duration of all the videos are around 2 hours per week and you can go at your own speed. You have the options to practice daily or what fits best with you.

Remember the practices are yours to keep forever.

By the end of this programme you will

  • Feel clear, strong and more aware of what you want in your life

  • Know how to create solid and strong foundations for happy and healthy manifestations

  • Know how to clear your energy and thoughts of unwanted clutter

  • Have a living experience of how to cultivate more energy into your daily life

  • Feel brighter, lighter and know how to attract what you actually want into your life

Before we tell you about our course, let us tell you about who it’s really for:

  • Feel happier with your life

  • Create a better life for yourself and family

  • Create more quality time for yourself

  • Change your life but you don’t know what you want

  • Live a healthier and happier life

  • Create better quality in your life

  • Manifest a career that has purpose and that you love

Hello! We are Claire and Shakti


 Between us we have a working experience of over 50 years and have been friends and work collegues for over 20 years!

We have shared classes and courses as well as running retreats together.  

Now Claire is in London, UK and Shakti lives on a tropical island in Thailand.

We have not stood in the same country together since Covid, but we won’t let that stop us!  We are determined to share our work with you so we have created this golden nugget of a course for you all to enjoy and reap its benefits for years to come.

You can study it as a concentrated package and watch your life blossom for the better or take it in small bite sized chunks (as each practice that we share stands strongly on its own) at your leisure.

Obviously, you will get out of this, what you put in so we recommend that you stay committed and punctual with this course to contain its creative energy better and see it through to the end, by which time you will be feeling so empowered and excited by what you are creating that you will probably want to do it again with a new focus point….and again….and again!

Our lives reflect what we constantly do and how we think about it.  If you are not happy with it, change it!

Testimonials from Claire and Shakti’s retreats, courses and personalised sessions…..

“ Claire's "Reconnect With Your Inner Self Course" is inspired and inspirational. It has helped me reset after a very challenging few months and I am sure that everything I learnt will stand me in good stead for the future. Claire provides a wealth of helpful material and guidance and she has the gift of making each component easy to follow and achievable. It never felt like hard work and by the end I had great sense of achievement. I've been doing Claire's classes for a few months now and this took everything to another level. Congratulations to Claire for devising such an empowering programme. ”

Alison. London

“ I have attended many of Claire’s classes and workshops in the past and always love her work. I recently did her Reconnect course and it was an amazing experience. She guides us in a very special way and ensures every detail is planned with love and good energy so we can fully reconnect with our inner self. I was able to incorporate all the work given into my daily life easily and it became a joy to do so. I still have access to all the course work and videos so plan to keep going with it. I benefited immensely from taking the course and found it truly changed the way I felt about myself and how I was living my life. I feel much happier in myself now and it has put me on a track that I look foreword to continuing.”


“Shakti has a unique approach to caring for people and empowering them so that they can find their path through life. Her retreats are relaxing, thoughtful and cozy. They combine her extensive experience in yoga, Qigong, meditation and energy work with the needs of all participants, whatever their level may be. I enjoy the structure and flexibility - a great balance between knowing what to expect and what is going on and feeling like the retreat catered specifically for each of us. Sarah - London ”

“Shakti, I cannot thank you enough for the healing sessions I have undertaken with you. Our sessions guided me deep into the core issues that have been holding me back in my life and released them with such clarity and precision, and I am in no doubt as to your gift as a true healer, clear channel and intuitive guide. Although I came to you with a physical issue, the journey you led me through not only released this, but guided me into the deep core issues that have been stored in my physical and emotional body for years and released them. You have a profound ability to 'see' what needs to be cleared, and I thank you eternally for taking me through the healing process and allowing me to also see and understand what has been limiting my life, and holding me through it with gentleness, compassion and love. Since our sessions the physical issues have cleared and the emotional layers stored in the body have been released. Thank you eternally. May you continue to help others as much as you have helped me. Eli London - UK ”

Eli London

When you enrol on ‘Manifest Your Dream Life’ you will get:

  • 3 weeks of creative visualisations

  • Tools that can change your life

  • Specific Yoga practices for Manifestation

  • Affirmations

  • Video teachings

  • Pranayama

  • Written documents of the coursework for your referral

We will give you the tools to create the positive and effective changes in your life that you formerly just thought were other peoples good luck!


So let us re-cap you on what you’ll get:


Guided visualisations and techniques on how to ground, protection and cleanse the energy.  This is an essential daily life tool which can be used whenever you feel absent minded, too in your head, like you have picked up heavy, toxic energy or when you need protection because you feel vulnerable, are in an environment that you may feel uneasy in.

You will learn how to purify and strengthen your energy, then amplify the good bits as we bring them to life.



Affirmations are simple and effective tools to bring your mind into focussing on what you want and creating it.

They work by creating a simple intention as if it were already happening and repeating it over and over until it sinks into the sub-conscious mind, which drives us throughout the day.   Affirmations work when you can out wit the negative chatter of the ego and replace it with constructive, solution based instructions, repeated over and over.


Yoga practices

Specific yoga practices designed to promote the best results for your particular creative manifesting projects each week. Whilst these practices support manifestation, then can also be used as and when you choose, way after completion of this course.


Creative mind mapping, visioning and playing

In order for your creations to have solid foundations from which to take shape, there first needs to be a plan.  

We can work this out with a mind map, then with a vision board and last but not least, a mind movie.  You will be taught how to best create these and when the best times are to pay attention to them for your best results to take shape.


Breath-work (Pranayama)

This is vital energy work that cleanses the whole body on a cellular as well as astral and mental level.  Correct breath-work alkalises the body, keeping it healthy and full of fresh healthy energy.

On an emotional level it help to release old stagnant energy from the emotional body and on a mental level, it clears the mind and fills it with a clear, fresh environment from which you can then create your living dreams.



When you journal your experiences at the end of each day, it actually grounds it into your experience, helping you to embed the pearls of wisdom that you have gleaned through the living experience.

You can then reflect on this at a later date and draw on it whenever you need to


Cleansing techniques

We all have different experiences of life and it is for this reason that we are giving you a variety of different methods to choose from, each as profoundly powerful as the other.

When you cleanse your energy from the inside out, you are left with a clear space to create from, that is vibrant and buzzing with fresh potential waiting to be applied to you creations.


Manifestation tools

Everyone should have these!  We are born creators and so many of us just don’t know how to do it.  Thank you for following your intuition to join us in making your world and the environment a better place. 

We unveil some of the hidden secrets to manifestation and make them easy to use. 

These are tools you can use every day for the rest of your life, if you want to, and we hope that you do!


All the recordings and written information is yours to keep and use at your leisure for your joy and benefit, forever!


So if you are ready to create the life that is so very right for you, then this is the course that you have been waiting for!

Right here is where you start to build your new life.   We teach you how to do it and then you will be unstoppable.

We just ask you to show up for yourself with an open mind, and commit to the whole journey that we will take you on. 

Our aim for this course is to empower your dreams and goals so that you live an abundant, healthy and happy life.


  • How long will I need to spend each week on the course? I work fulltime so I am worried I will not have time…

    If you work full time and are worried that you can’t commit to it, it’s ok! This is a course that you can also take part in at your own leisure

  • I am a complete beginner, what if I can’t do the yoga?

    The tools that we share here are all presented so that beginners and advanced creators will benefit from it

  • I am going on holiday for one of the weeks of the course…You can pause the course whenever you need to if you have a work or holiday engagement

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You will have lifelong access to this on-line course so you can pick out your favourite bits and practice them over and over!

How does it get any better than this?!

With love and gratitude, Claire and Shakti